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Comprehensive Digital Screening for Optimal Health


I am so excited to share some things with you that may just change your life as they have mine. 

As a Naturopath, I am always looking for natural solutions to help the body heal from many health concerns. 


Food plays a vital role in our health, whether we realise it or not.


Just think about how you feel when eat some “fast food” for instance. Often bloated, windy, sluggish, poor skin tone and tired.


When you eat healthy nourishing foods we are energised, happier, glowing and generally healthier.

Its not just about "good and bad" foods. We are individuals and each of us may be affected by the same foods differently. 


However old we are is the time it has taken to make our bodies what we have become. Yes genetic make up plays a part but when we make changes to our lifestyle, it can take a little time to allow our bodies to repair given the damage that we have done over the years. Some people respond quickly, often days or weeks, others take longer. 

The Computerised Health Analysis allows us to find out what key imbalances need to be worked on to help you gain better health. The may be nutrition, diet, lifestyle and may included supplements if needed. 


It’s never too late to make the changes and when you do you will be so glad you did and feel full of health and vitality that you may not have thought possible for you.


 I can help you with videos, recipes and advice and talk you though meal ideas, offer easy no fuss solutions to eating well and not feeling as though you are deprived or going without. 


Extreme health concerns such as Cancer and Arthritis are fed by sugar. Processed foods, artificial additives and sweeteners all attack the body and can cause chaos for your systems and organs.


Gluten is another issue to consider. Wheat is often genetically modified and processed, our bodies simply don’t know how to process these foods and we then become symptomatic. 


Dairy foods can also affect some people, especially women who have hormonal issues. The cows are given hormones to make them produce quantities of milk, these hormones can go on to affect our own hormonal balance. 


Many of us are deficient and although we eat well and consider ourselves eating a healthy diet, we often are lacking due to poor soil quality and eating burnt foods (BBQ). We may have intestinal parasites which rob us of nutrients or we eat processed foods containing additives which our body then uses nutrients to process. 


Poor quality supplements are another possible pit fall. Many high street brands will contain additives that can actually be harmful to the body. Look for yourself and see how many of your supplements contain the following and ask yourself why?

Magnesium stearate, titanium dioxide and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose are just three.


Sick of being sick? Tired of taking tablets?

Are you one of the 70% of patients told, "There's nothing wrong with you. Your blood test results are fine," despite having multiple symptoms? Or are you one of the 90% of patients given only one of four pharmaceutical drugs, no matter what is wrong?

Are you sick of not being heard? Feel uneasy about just getting yet another prescription?

Would you prefer a solution instead of being fobbed off or just given tablets for life?


The Natural World can offer many advantages when you identify the imbalances within you and offer you the health advice to help restore you.




R.I.P.H. & H. (Royal Institute of Public Health & Hygiene) 

V.T.C.T. (Vocational Training Charitable Trust) 

City & Guilds (Food & Nutrition)

Foundation Study in Electro Dermal Testing

Asyra Health Screening. 

 If you are suffering from any of these symptoms..

Asthma, Candida, Fibromyalgia, IBS, Depression, Infertility, Acid Reflux, Hay Fever, Allergies, PMT, Anxiety/Panic Attacks, Arthritis, Menopause, Sciatica, Back Problems, Recurrent Infections, Eczema, Fatigue, Food Sensitivities, Hyperactivity, Migraine, ME, Parasites, Poor Immune Function, Psoriasis, Skin problems, Sleep Disorders, Stress, Thyroid Issues, 
Weight Management.
This could be the answer for you!

either by 
Hair sample sent via the post
   Book an in person appointment at a clinic.
All analysis includes a full written personalised report.

A full health Analysis £100
A follow up Analysis £50
A Full and Follow up Analysis £135 saving £15

To arrange an analysis click "buy a test" tab on the left hand side of this page.

A full health screening can be done either using hair sample sent in the post or an in person appointment in clinic. 

The results are given there and then if in clinic and both will recieve a full written report detailing your individual imbalances and what is needed to optimise health.

Small changes can make a huge difference once you identify what changes your body needs to make! 


Videos click to view


   Nutrition Deficiencies               Hormone Imbalances


         Food Sensitivities                 Toxicity and heavy metals

Having left Northbrook College, Worthing age 18, I worked alongside the dietician in Worthing Hospital, giving dietary advice to patients whilst studying food and nutrition, health and hygeine, holistic therapies in advanced body massage  techniques, reflexology and orthobionomy. I then went on to complete Bio Resonance training through Nutrivital Health.

In 2006 I opened the first of eight Natural Health clinics on the Costa Blanca, Spain offering a variety of natural remedies, services and advice, as well as providing a broad range of natural health supplements. 

I was voted Best Holistic Therapist Costa Blanca 2008 & 2009.

I am passionate about my work and have a broad cross-section of clients of all ages and backgrounds and a very high success rate, as some of the testimonials on these pages submitted by clients will show. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!

For photos and testimonials, please have a look at the left hand side tab...Testamonials. 
Thank you
Clare x




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