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1. February 2018
I saw Clare before Christmas with very painful, bleeding hands. I had been seen several times over a 2 year period by a specialist dermatoligist who prescribed steroid creams which helped at first then made no difference. Clare helped me understand how my diet was affecting me. She also gave clear advice as to what to avoid and what I needed to do to help my hands recover. This came in the form of some herbal remedies and supplements as well as cutting out some foods. Within 8 weeks my hands we 99% better. I cannot thank Clare enough!
Gemma S

2. I had given up hope that I could ever feel this well again. For years I had been feeling lethargic, I ached all over, could not concentrate and felt generally unwell. My doctor ran some test and I was referred and finally diagnosed fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, I was given a cocktail of drugs which did not seem to help. Clare gave a talk to a ladies group and I thought "what have I got to lose?" It was the best decision I could have made, it has changed my life. My energy has returned, I no longer ache, I have my brain back and I have just found myself sitting on the floor and stood up without a second thought....not done that since 1996!!!!  A.T

3. My face was all puffy, peeling and my eyes swollen, I looked a mess. This was the best that the dermatologist could manage and I was at my wits end. Within 6 weeks following Clare's advice I was back to normal. I had no idea that changes to my diet could affect my skin in such a way...one happy lady!  Jean. M

4..Submitted my daughters hair for testing recently and was very happy with the results. It confirmed a few suspicions we already had and shed some light on a few others. I haven't started the the remedy yet but have some dietary recommendations to try a plan of attack. The test itself was simple, especially for a sensitive little girl who was horrified at the thought of parting with her hair. As it was such a small amount of hair compared to other tests we were able to compromose. The results were quick and loaded with info. Thanks. Leah Happy Mum

5 .I had terrible problems with bloating for years...had to have different clothes sizes as I never knew how big I'd be from day to day. After visiting Clare Gale, she analysed me and gave me a list of foods I needed to avoid. It was as simple as that! With help and advice on supplements I became slimmer and healthier. I felt so much better, thanks you Clare! Jean Roy.

 Just want to thank you very much for the very comprehensive test and report.I have to say I felt an immediate improvement (within minutes which doesn't surprise me) as soon as I took the 'remedy combination'.  I felt energy go down my spine and strengthen it.  I started to feel immediately calmer and more stable.  I slept soooo well (apart from the thunderstorm which awoke all of us).  Lots of  positive activity going on in my neck and head and a feeling of wellbeing and being able to cope normally without feeling stressed.  Wonderful!!!  I feel much more flexible in my spine today too.Needless to say I will sell your services to everyone.Have a good weekend.Regards/Gill

7. June 2016. Having been to the hospital for the last 10 months and seen the skin specialists, I was dis heartened as my skin was not getting any better. Having lost all hope, I am delighted to have found the answer with Clare. She identified some foods that were causing my skin to react and I am now back to normal after only 6 weeks!! Can't thank Clare enough. Jean. 

8. My 10 year old son was having touble at school with concentration and behavioual issues. Finding out which foods were the trigger have made all the difference.

9. Just had my results back and confirmed all of my allergies, also my back problem that had recently been highlighted on an MRI scan. Now I know what I need to do to get my health back on track. Thank you so much, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Alison Tough Satisfied customer.

10. November 2016
Helen England I went to Clare only a few weeks ago with a thyroid problem. Seeking help to support it while I waited to see an endocrinologist. She offered me so much more and ran some tests that showed what my body needed. An ugly uncomfortable skin condition I had since I was 14, that no doctor knew what it was or how to treat, has started to disappear already. I'm so chuffed. What it has done for my confidence and my wellbeing just in these early days is immense. I have started to feel so much better already. I think I might cancel the endocrinologist! 

11. January 2018
Having suffered from problems with my stomach for almost 5 years I can hardly believe the difference since I have been seeing Clare. It sounds dramatic but the improvement has genuinely changed the way I live my life. 
I also find just talking to Clare therapeutic, she always shows real interest and has time to listen and discuss. She is very easy to talk to. I would definitely recommend. Sue S

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