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Corporate Training

Corporate in House Training

I am a nutrition and allergy specialist, and also a qualified chef.  I offer in house training for staff, both front of house and chefs to help understand special diets including gluten free, wheat intolerance, dairy intolerance and calorie control. 

Many establishments offer online menu advice, but although the web site is useful, having trained staff who understand the difference to advise customers is also important. 

Many food establishments now offer a “special diets” menu which is always a bonus when eating out, however, have YOU ever eaten anything from that menu? Generally the foods offered although tick the box for being “wheat free”  or whatever is the need but are not nice to eat. 

There are many great foods that many people can eat or by just tweaking the recipe slightly you can achieve delicious dishes gaining you a great reputation for your business and helping those seeking options when following a specific eating plan. 

I would very much like the opportunity to get involved in training your staff and giving your company a better reputation if you are interested in improving what you currently have to offer. 

I work Nationally in various types of establishments and would be keen to discus how I could be involved in helping and advising your business to improve your facility to cater for the growing number of people who require special diets.

Depending on the size of your business will determine how we go about teaching and advising your staff. I offer hourly or daily rates. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and a written quote can be given.

A typical 2 hour training session may include...

An initial explaination on what is involved with special diets.
What to look out for, what questions to ask.

Next we can look at your menu and discuss suitability for specific clients, what changes can be made and what options are there.

A handout can be designed to keep to hand offering easy information for staff to identify menu options for customers. 

For chef training this can be offered in the kitchen and either discussion on menus or demonstrations for dishes can be given.

There is much confusion over recipes, dishes and ingredients and who can eat what. I aim to take the confusion out of a situation and offer easy to follow information and advice giving your customers not only a choice but a great eating experience too.

Let's embrace this ever increasing need to fine tune our diets and turn it into both good business practice and potentially generate greater revenue for your business. 





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